“Akron & Urban Chestnut have been business partners since 2013, when Akron was contracted to complete all of the electrical work that was necessary to open our Grove Brewery & Bierhall.  The electrical load required to operate a brewery is substantial and the infrastructure necessary to do so is fairly complex, but Akron more than mastered the task.  Not only did they create a customized system for our brewery that seamlessly integrates with the rest of our standard electrical needs, but they did so with a eye towards aesthetic appeal and long-term cost savings.  Akron’s expertise continues to save Urban Chestnut money on a daily basis and it helped us to become one of only a handful of LEED certified breweries in the U.S.  As UCBC continues to sell more beer, we consistently need to add on and in some cases adapt our electrical infrastructure.  As such, we are fortunate to have a partner (more specifically partners… Mark, Neil & Trine) in Akron, who we solely rely on to handle our electrical solutions.  Thank you Akron!” David Wolfe, Co-Founder Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.

"deVan Sealants, Inc. has used Akron Electric as its primary electrical contractor for more than 35 years! We have used Akron Electric for repairs as well as upgrades and new installations. Akron responds quickly when we have an equipment failure and need it repaired right away. The quality of the work performed has always been excellent!" - John A. Abrams, President

"Akron Electric has provided us quality performances no matter the size of the project.  They are quick to help with a budget or give an owner a cost-saving alternative.  It is nice to see the electricians in the field have the same concern for customer satisfaction as the office." - Mike Pisoni Lauer Construction, Inc.

"The group at Akron Electric is a team driven by quality and accountability which is shared by our own beliefs. They are always looking to help and improve any situation that arises on the project. Whether it is an owner looking for Value Engineering or a situation that needs immediate attention, Akron gets it done. They are a valued team member that we always look forward to working with and so should you"– BBi Constructors